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Strategic Communications & Training.

Strategic Communications and training with a focus on International Relations/Government Relations, Security and Emerging Technology.

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Strategic Communications & Training

We harness our practical experience and communication skills acquired from many years of international news journalism, to translate compelling research into accessible content. As postgraduates ourselves with an eye for detail we see the value in robust rigorous research but we also acknowledge the need to be able to communicate this clearly to a wider audience. We produce written products including International Policy Briefs, Op Eds, and customised briefings . We also offer strategic communications training and advice to individuals and organisations. To date our focus has been on international relations/government relations, human security and emerging technologies, human rights, influence/ information operations, humanitarian and crisis response.

KAI has published a number of papers on the evolving communications environment including for NATO Centre of Excellence for Strategic Communications and the Institute for Security Studies.

NATO – Communicating Threat in an Era of Speed and Fetishised Technology NATO – Strategic Communications and Covid 19 : Exploring and Exploiting a Global Crisis

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