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Media Production

Karen Allen International Productions offers clients high quality media productions. These include long and short form video and audio, including podcasts as well as digital products including bespoke animated motion infographics or video explainers.

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Content Production

Karen Allen International offers clients high quality written, video, audio, digital ad data visualisation products also known as motion infographics. Informed by our mantra to fuse international experience with compelling content, we generate high quality products which seek to explain the world in which we live.

In addition to producing broadcast quality long and short-form video products for corporations, multinationals and NGOs, KAI also produces two flagship audio of audio/podcast productions including The ARC Insider & Moments in Transformation.

We offer consulting and production advice for in-house audio/video productions as well as content for public information campaigns and universities.

Under the brand the infoMation Project- KAI is a joint collaborative partner to produce state of the art motion Infographics. These digital visualisation products deliver what are often complex policy or technical information in a powerful accessible form.

See our latest Infographic: A Video Infographic about a Video Infographic?

KAI offers event moderating/presentation/writing services. Our clients have included the World Bank Group moderating high level discussions on climate change and combatting corruption.

We have published for the: NATO Defence Strategic Communications, The Guardian Newspaper, Africa Centre for Strategic Studies, Institute for Security Studies, World Bank and Unicef.

NATO – What has the expansion of digital technologies during the Covid-19 pandemic in Africa revealed about some of the key challenges the continent faces?

NATO – Communicating Threat in an Era of Speed and Fetishised Technology

Karen Allen International produces a number of Audio/Podcast Productions. These include a regular Africa Current Affairs Podcast and a Podcast on Global Peacebuilding for In Transformation Initiative called “Moments in Transformation”

Other narrative-based Podcasts are currently in production and Karen Allen International has also been approached to advise corporates and multilateral organisations on their podcasting and digital strategy.

Listen to the Arc Insider

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Our Writing, Speechwriting & Training Services

KAI has also been engaged in communications training for a number of Corporates, Foreign Missions, Multilateral Organisations and International NGOs. This has included Crisis Response and Scenario planning as well as one to one coaching for C-Suite Execs.

KAI also offers Open Source Investigations Training with our partners using publicly available data to inform research.

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