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Research and Intelligence

Evidence based research, and accurate intelligence are at the heart of our consultancy services. Whether it’s an Op Ed, a Policy Brief a Research Report, everything we do is generated with clear communications in mind.

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Research & International Policy Briefs

Karen produces regular written pieces on issues of emerging technology for ISS Today as well as research and policy briefs. This has included work on Digital Vigilantism, cybercrime and digital or cyber diplomacy. We’ve recently completed some work on Disinformation and Influence Operations in African elections using Kenya as a case study: See here. KAI has also undertaken open source research work (OSINT) on human rights related issues and produced thought provoking peer reviewed papers for the Africa Centre for Strategic Studies on drone technology.

Our team have also been involved in developing thought-leadership events related to human security, development, human rights and foreign policy issues and regularly contribute to panel discussions and other media engagements.

See our latest Stellenbosh University Security Brief : Security Institute for Governance Leadership in Africa

Data Analytics

We have data analytics and open source intelligence capabilities to ensure data driven investigations. We have used these tools to conduct assessments of the role of influence and disinformation campaigns across Africa during elections. We have also used the same techniques to understand levels of foreign nation state activity online. As the role of AI increases we will continue to build on our capacity to monitor inauthentic activity online and understand the effect it potentially has on the global information ecosystem.

We also have the capability to translate this data into compelling animated motion infographics.

Our Networks

At KAI we work hard to maintain a wide base of specialist contacts in the media industry and among think tanks, civil society organisations, the private sector, diplomats and multilateral organisations. Our CEO Karen Allen is a Visiting Fellow in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London, and is a member of KCL’s War Crimes Research Group. KAI harness these networks to stay informed about the issues of the day and ensure our research offerings are relevant.

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