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We use our international policy expertise to deliver clear compelling content and create high quality audio, video and digital products. We also offer our clients customised research, training and consultancy services.

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About Karen Allen International

Karen Allen International is a global consultancy firm combining international public policy experience with practical reporting know how. KAI offers clients a suite of services including high level media production including video, audio and digital motion infographics. The firm also offers research, consulting, international policy and practice and strategic communications advice.

“Our vision is to bridge the divide between international policy and practical delivery by offering powerful communications tools to help our clients explain some of the most pressing global issues of our time.” Karen Allen CEO.

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Who is Karen Allen

The company’s CEO Karen Allen is a former BBC Foreign Correspondent with more than two decades of industry experience in conflict, humanitarian and general political news reporting. Her assignments have seen her posted to Afghanistan, Iraq and much of East, Central and Southern Africa and the company maintains a global footprint operating out of Johannesburg and London.

Karen is involved in international public policy as a consultant to a number of International think tanks including the Institute for Security Studies. She is also a Visiting Fellow at King’s College London in the Department of War Studies and is a regular contributor to a number of publications. Karen holds a Masters Degree in International Relations and Contemporary War and a BA(Econ)Hons.

Our Partners

Griffin Shea – Research, Editorial and Text based content
Kevin Mwachiro – Research, Editorial, Audio and Video Content
Crystal Orderson – Research, Editorial, Audio and Video Content
Petri Kleynhans - Creative Partner , Editor and Digital content

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