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Karen Allen International

Global Focus, Journalistic Principles, Academic Rigour, Creative Flair.

We seek to make sense of a complex world through:

Research and Intelligence Communications Media Production Editorial and Content

Our Aim

To generate accurate research and intelligence on issues of global interest.

Ensure our research is data driven and relevant to global decision makers, communicators and journalists.

Create high end media productions to help explain the world in which we live.

About KAI

Karen Allen International is a global research consultancy and media production house. We thrive on knowledge and clearly communicated knowledge. We combine our teams’ international journalism, academic research and foreign policy experience, to offer clients bespoke research and intelligence capabilities. These include data driven services (data analytics and OSINT) to better understand the world in which we live.

We also offer in house editorial and media production services including video, audio and podcasts and animated motion infographics. Our highly experienced production teams have the ethical standards and technical know-how, to deliver impactful content that is meaningful and relevant. We operate cross culturally and believe humans are best placed to communicate stories accurately – not AI machines.

Karen Allen, CEO

Karen Allen is an award winning former BBC Foreign Correspondent with nearly three decades of industry experience in conflict, humanitarian response, political, economic and general news reporting. Karen was posted to Kenya, South Africa and Afghanistan during her career as a staff correspondent with the BBC and used these bases to report extensively across Africa and the Middle East for the BBC’s TV, Radio and Digital networks. Karen has also produced a number of long form documentaries and is the co-founder and presenter of the African focused news and current affairs podcast the ARC Insider.

Karen has a Master’s degree in International Relations and Contemporary war and is a visiting fellow in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. She has undertaken studies at Harvard University and maintains a close network with a number of African universities.

She currently undertakes consultancy work for a wide range of clients across Africa, Europe and the United States as well as being a familiar face on the international moderating circuit.